Nichijou (日常) is the work of Kyoto Animation, the anime will tell stories of Japanese culture and life on a daily basis, and filled with humor and friendship. Directed by Tatsuya Ishihara (石原 立也).

The story mainly focuses on three high school girls and Shinonome research institute.

Aioi Yuuko (相生 祐子) a girl who lives ramble, lazy, stupid. She rarely does her homework on their own, and usually asks for copy homework from Mio in the morning, but ended up she did not finish her homework and was expelled to the outside of the classroom. She likes to play jokes, but it is often not funny and difficult to understand.

Naganohara Mio (長野原 みお) a neat girl. She is intelligent, industrious, and falling in love with senior like typical high school student, but she often imagines by using senior that she is falling in love as a character in her manga. She is trying to conceal the manga in order not to be despised, but she often expressed it without knowing it.

Minakami Mai (水上 麻衣) a girl who has a habit of calm, but the fact that she is very clever and diabolical. She has 2 crazy dogs and often takes them for walks. Her hobby is carving a wooden statue.

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