Solar OLED technology translucent and bright

Solar OLED
I believe that someday we will have a powerful solar cell technology allows electric cars to move without having to stop waiting for charging power, and can produce enough electricity for use in the home without paying the electricity bills, but we know that there are problems. The solar cell technology still needs to be more developed and there is no suitable location for installation in both home and car.

Recently, BASF and Philips have developed a new product that combines OLED, which can provide light into transparent solar panels. The project aims to make passengers inside a car can see the outside world through the transparent roof. At the same time, it also can convert solar energy into electrical energy as well. The solar OLED panel can act to light during the night. This technology is also suitable for use with house windows or office or reading room where need a lot of light. It will produce electricity during daylight hours and emit light in the room at night.

The OLED panel is just 1.8 millimeters thick. It can provide a soft light throughout the surface, when combined with the solar panel, you will have electricity and lights on a single-device. However, the technology still under development for use as sunroof of Daimler's Smart Forvision concept electric vehicle.

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