Twitter launches country-specific sensor system

Twitter famous social network announced to block messages for users in certain countries. This is a clear solution after several parties expressed concern that the freedom of communication on Twitter is creating chaos in many countries around the world.
Twitter sensor system
Twitter deigns to delete tweet messages from its system when was ordered by the government in each country. Thing that will be changed now is Twitter already added the ability to choose to block the transmission of messages to users in one country.

Twitter brings the content about supporting Nazis as an example of blocking a specific country. This content is banned in France and Germany, where users in other countries still have the freedom to get to know without being blocked.

This implies that Twitter is trying to find a solution without having to force itself to block data entirely as the government in many countries wants to be, but the use must comply with specific country laws to ensure that no barriers to market expansion into those countries. Twitter has confirmed that there will be unequivocally notified the users to know if there is blocking tweet messages.

Even without specifying the name of a country that Twitter started using the system, but the past, Twitter has been pressured by the government in various countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, and many countries in the Arab group which these countries indicate that the independent on Twitter has caused unrest in their countries.

Twitter is a short messaging service that allows you to tell people in the online world to know what you are doing or thinking at that time. The speed of communication from one person to many people makes Twitter be used as a channel to report news both news agencies around the world and individuals or famous social groups of all ages.

The important risk of Twitter is to be blocked in order to prevent public access because some governments see Twitter as a service that enables users to send messages to the crowd in real-time. It is considered a danger to national security.

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