7th Dragon 2020 Original Soundtrack

7th Dragon 2020 Original Soundtrack
7th Dragon 2020 Original Soundtrack
Published By : 5pb.Records
Release Date : 21 December 2011
Catalog No. : FVCG-1187
Number of Discs : 1

Disc 1
1.A Beginning Specialist
2.A Certain Day of a Certain Month, in Shinjuku
3.Battlefield - Swiftly and Speedily
4.Slain, Again
5.Metropolitan Government - Reversed Eclipse
6.Emergency Warning!
7.Battlefield - Seven Struggles
8.A Brief Rest
9.Daybreak at the Metropolitan Government
10.Let's Work!
12.Shibuya - Jungle Navigation
13.Lowlifes, Gathering
14.Ikebukuro - Aerial Front
15.Advance, Complete the Plan
16.The Deceased
17.Yotsuya - Moonlit Cemetery
18.Battlefield - Further Enraged Ones
19.Kokubunji - Hot Sand Factory
20.Battlefield - Rival Arrival
21.The World Inquires

Disc 2
1.Blooming of Madness
2.Mankind's Last Stand
3.Underpass - Cave Investigation
4.Battlefield - Pierce the Dark Clouds!
5.Daiba - Frozen Town
6.Battlefield - Raging Tyranny
7.With the Murakumo Squad 13
8.Decisive Battle - Tokyo Tower
9.The Wild God Niara
10.A Tale of Men and Dragons
11.The Tale Ended.
12.Phantoms of Recollection
13.Mankind's Warrior Takehaya
14.A Memory Arriving at Paradise
15.Battlefield - The Unknown One

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