Amagami SS+ ED Single - Kokuhaku

Amagami SS+ ED Single - Kokuhaku
Amagami SS+ OP Single - Check my soul
Published By : Pony Canyon
Release Date : 8 February 2012
Catalog No. : PCCG-1230
Number of Discs : 1

2.Anata no Tame ni
3.Rainco Rainbow
4.Kokuhaku (Instrumental)

Amagami SS+ is based on a PS2 Dating sim. This anime is the second season. This anime series has been sucking me in since the very beginning. It shows the events that took place after each of the first season's arcs. Amagami SS+ continues the love story of each of the 6 main girls with a boy named Junichi. The characters are enjoyable in their own way. I'm very glad that AIC decided to bring Amagami back. Overall the first episode really leaves a great impression and makes you want to watch more to see what drama will unfold. I really recommend to all people who loves to see a light love story.

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