C3 Character Song Album

C3 Character Song Album
C3 Character Song Album
Published By : King Records
Release Date : 25 January 2012
Catalog No. : KICA-3175
Number of Discs : 1

1.Atarashii Watashi
2.Always with You
3.Ashita he
4.Balancing toy
6.Ichiban Yasahii Houyou wo
7.Kurokami Ryuugi. Waza Ari!
8.My Wish

story enters around a boy named Haruaki Yachi who one day recieves a black cube from his father. That black cube is actually a girl named Fear. The anime features two different OP and ED themes, despite being 12 episodes long. The voices fit the characters really well. The plot was really confusing, mainly because the series was way too rushed. The BGM and sound effects were all used effectively and at the right time. There are few characters, but more are introduced on last episode's ending. I would recommend it to an anime lover who has time to run through an ecchi anime.

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