Firefox 10 stronger ver.

Firefox 10
Moziila allows users to download the browser Firefox 10 complete version. However, the overall look of Firefox 10 almost nothing has changed, because most of the updates are all about performance.

It highlights of the changes in Firefox 10 is the forward button in this version will be hidden until the user started using the backwards button. Even though it were little changed, it was a good idea to optimize the use of UI because most users will stay with the current page that they are interested, and often do not use the forward button.

Additionally, Firefox 10 will be improved anti-aliasing system on the part of WebGL to make images more smooth, and support for 3D-Transform of CSS3. Mozilla also said that most of the add-ons today can be compatible with Firefox 10. Moreover, API in full-screen display mode of this version will open up great opportunities for programmers to develop web applications that can run full screen.

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