Hunter x Hunter 2011 Original Soundtrack

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Original Soundtrack
Hunter x Hunter 2011 Original Soundtrack
Published By : VAP
Release Date : January 25 2012
Catalog No. : VPCG-84915
Number of Discs : 1

2.The World of Adventurers ~ Kanzenban
3.Ginpatsu no Shounen
4.Hiiro no Hitomi no Aika
5.All I Need Is MONEY!
6.Hunter March
7.Shounen no Asa no Uta
9.Tomodachi ni Narouyo :)
11.Kijutsu Shi no Baire
12.Mosa Domo no Heigei
14.Boys, Be Courageous!
16.Yume wo Oikakete
18.Beyond the Seas
19.Hunter yo Eien Nare!
20.Kujiratou Yori
21.Asaichi Nite
22.Hunter Parade
23.Get Funky!
24.I Ain't Oji-san
25.Koshi Tanatan...
27.Mystic Land
28.Yamiyo wo Tsugumono
29.Genei no Banka
31.Tomo Namida
32.Ginpatsu no Lullaby
33.Chichi no Senaka
34.Nakama to Iu Koko.
35.Hunter Taisou
37.Yuuhi no Mukatte
38.departure! (TV Size)
39.Just Awake (TV Size)

Hunter x Hunter 2011 is a remake of a popular long-running series. The story in this version is moved pretty quickly, which I had mixed feelings on. The characters are perfectly kept intact. The sound is something I see a lot of complaints about. The songs themselves are near perfection. The whole concept of hunters is also a very interesting plot point to me as well. The OST list is wonderful. It really stand out and fit each scene so perfectly. I hope that this brings in more people to enjoy the masterpiece I have enjoyed so much.

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