Persona 4 The Animation

Persona 4 The Animation
The story of Persona 4 The Animation (ペルソナ4 アニメ) is about a young man named Yu Narukami (鳴上 悠). He moved to live with Dojima family a relative of his mother in the rural town of Inaba, because his father and mother need to work abroad. He was friends with Yosuke Hanamura (花村 陽介) and Chie Satonaka (里中 千枝) after enrolled in Yasogami High School (八十神高等学校). After a bizarre murder case in Inaba town, Chie told the rumor of Midnight Channel that if you look at a television screen that is closed during the rain falling at midnight, then you will see your match.

Some time later, Yu Narukami found that he has the ability to enter the world of television and took Chie and Yosuke to the world of television by chance, then they were Kuma (クマ) returned. When he saw his senior at the school was killed in Midnight Channel, he has tried to explore the world of television.

Yu Narukami knew that there is a murderer in Inaba town who pushed people into the world of television so that people have been killed, Midnight Channel will tell him who will be the next victim. They must help people who are trapped in the world of television before the people were killed, while they must investigate the murderer.

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