BRAVE10 ED Single - Adeosu.

BRAVE10 ED Single - Adeosu.
BRAVE10 ED Single - Adeosu.
Published By : Media Factory
Release Date : 22 February 2012
Catalog No. : HMCH-1050
Number of Discs : 1

1. Adeosu.
2. Fighting Road
3. Adeosu. -Instrumental-

BRAVE10 main story is a lord Yukimura Sanada decides to gather ten powerful warriors under his banner. This story is really interesting and it also tells some old interesting facts about samurai's. The art was great. The characters are weird, more than half of the cast is male, and most male characters are completely weird. Anime OP song was really good and it starts first in slow and then quickly change speed. ED song is also really good. I really enjoyed every scene in this anime an there was no boring scene at all which was really suprising.

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