Toradora! Best Album - Root HAPPYEND

Toradora! Best Album - Root HAPPYEND
Toradora! Best Album - Root HAPPYEND
Published By : King Records
Release Date : 8 February 2012
Catalog No. : KICA-3192
Number of Discs : 2

Disc 1
2.Flask Ration
3.silky heart
4.Please Freeze
6.I MY
7.Ore ni Dekiru Koto
8.Full Swing
9.Shitsuren Samba
12.Koi Krage
13.Vanilla Salt

Disc 2
1.Shiawase no Kesshou
3.Lost my pieces (Piano Ver.)
4.Dragon's sigh
5.Kanchigai Hour Returns
6.Inko-chan no Seitai
7.Shadow In The Dark
8.Psychology March
9.Aishuu no Etude
10.Orange Tart no Tsukurikata
11.Are you lucky?
12.My little underground
13.First Mission
14.Little tiger, sad dragon
15.Just Like Honey
16.Yuki, Hira Hira to
17.Sakura no Tsubomi
18.Teenage Lust
20.The end in the world

Toradora! is normal romance and drama anime involving high school. The story revolves around Ryuuji and Tiaga, two ordinary students that end up working together. The anticipation of who will end up with who? is the stories strongest feature, and the ending doesn't disappoint. The anime had 2 OP and 2 ED. Many dramatic scenes with crying characters or fights sent shivers done my spine. All characters are uniquely made. A lot of the characters' different sides and hidden desires are revealed. The music and the story just blended together to create something that was truly amazing.

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