Zero no Tsukaima F Original Soundtrack

Zero no Tsukaima F Original Soundtrack
Zero no Tsukaima F Original Soundtrack
Published By : Nippon Columbia
Release Date : 22 February 2012
Catalog No. : COCX-37221
Number of Discs : 1

1.I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU ~TV version~
2.Tragic but Brave
3.My Mission
4.Heiwa na Gakuin
5.Ichinichi no Owari ni
6.Mature Love
7.Jikan ga Tomaru Toki
8.Tatakai he...
10.Moji Moji Louise
11.Kyoukou Hijirika
12.Dragon Story
13.Powerful Enemy
14.Densetsu no Kodai Ryuu
15.Kantai Sen
16.Fuon na Takurami
17.Lifdrasir no Chikara
18.Saigo no Kettou
19.Symbiosis with Nature
22.The End of The World
23.Kiss shite Agenai ~TV version~
24.Zero no Tsukaima opening theme instrumental medley

Zero no Tsukaima F is the final season of the series. There is a lot more romantic scenes than before, which is wonderful. There is still a lot of ecchi scenes and there is also still a lot of explosions. The pictures and all were very cute and nice looking. The sounds are great. It has a nice soundtrack to it at the right moment. I fell in love with Zero No Tsukaima and continued to watch it from season 1 to season 3. I've enjoyed the pass three seasons of this anime and i'm looking forward to this fourth season. To conclude , I think Zero no Tsukaima is a kind of fairy tale version of manga.

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