Guilty Crown Figure Inori Yuzuriha

Figure Inori Yuzuriha
Figure Inori Yuzuriha 楪いのり (ゆずりはいのり) of Guilty Crown ギルティクラウン, Height: approx. 170mm, Manufactured by Good Smile Company.

Her costume is very beautiful. It looks like the wings of a fairy. This figure is very high quality and full of charm. She is the cutest girl in Guilty Crown. She has pink hair that might make you think of the beautiful cherry blossoms. She could surprise and make you fall in love. This is a very rare opportunity.

From the anime series "Guilty Crown" comes a 1/8th scale of the Undertaker's member, EGOIST's vocalist and heroine of the series - Inori Yuzuriha.

The figure is based on an illustration by the original character designer of the series, redjuice. She is posed with an innocent expression on her face and great care has been put into sculpting her beautiful body-line and delicate appearance. The outfit she wore from the series has also been faithfully reproduced in figure form and along with the dynamic posing of the figure, it makes her look like a beautiful goldfish, elegantly swimming through the air.
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