Hiiro no Kakera OP Single - Nee

Hiiro no Kakera OP Single - Nee
Hiiro no Kakera OP Single - Nee
Published By : Lantis
Release Date : 18 April 2012
Catalog No. : LACM-4914
Number of Discs : 1

2.Suki ni Naru to Doushite
3.Nee (instrumental)
4.Suki ni Naru to Doushite (instrumental)

Hiiro no Kakera music for the opening is beautiful. The characters are fantastic all with there own special personalities. The monsters pretty much looks dull if you watched the first episode. I absolutely adore it. There is a lot of development in many of the characters, particularly the guardians. I am enjoying the anime. Awesome is the only word I can describe this anime. I've come to love the music of this anime after watching the 11 episodes. If you plan on watching this one, make sure you watch it all the way through. I would reccomend you watch this anime now.

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