How to sell on the online store?

How to sell
It would be good? If you open an online store, then you can change it as the main occupation for yourself and your family, or if your store has already opened and has been popular, so you can stay in the market forever. Today I will tell you the client's decision-making process for all online merchants. When we understand how our customers choose products, so we can plan to accommodate and meet the needs of our customers, and helps your online store has been praised because you can access and respond to customer needs, which will result in more sustainable online stores.

1.Explore! is to explore to find the product or service that customers want. At this stage, what we have to accomplish is to do everything to make people see and know our online stores in order to be one of the choices for customers. So we need to know that where our prospective customers often to search for information, then we just went to live in such places.

2.Find! is to find a comparison to find an online store that offers the best and most satisfying. At this stage, what we should do is to think like a customer. You should study the strengths and weaknesses of the business in the same category or in the replacement product to build up our strength.

3.Buy! is to close the sale. At this stage, when a customer contacts us, what we should do is close the sale, which is based on communication skills of each person.

4.Enjoy! is a very important stage. It is satisfying to the customer after the sale in order to allow customers to return to buy again or tell with friends. Many people may wonder that what it means and how important, because we sell and receive money already. It is like a water tank with a leak. If we add water and let it leak, water will flow to others. Thus maintaining the existing customer base is key to the stable growth of the business.

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