Jormungand ED Single - Ambivalentidea

Jormungand ED Single - Ambivalentidea
Jormungand ED Single - Ambivalentidea
Published By : Geneon Universal Entertainment
Release Date : 6 June 2012
Catalog No. : GNCA-240
Number of Discs : 1

2.Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana
3.halo effect
4.Ambivalentidea (instrumental)
5.Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana (instrumental)
6.halo effect (instrumental)

Jormungand is the story of a crew of arms dealers, led by the charismatic Koko Hekmatyar. The anime starts with a young boy named Jonah that hates weapons but has nothing else to depend on and have to use them. The art is very good given that it contains a lot of fight scenes. The BGM and OST's are great. You can feel the excitement when needed. Overall, Jormungand is a decent anime about arms dealer. It's good for lots of action and a great staff which makes the series much more enjoyable. Prepare yourself for an amazing experience by watching this anime.

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