Sankarea OP Single - Esoragoto

Sankarea OP Single - Esoragoto
Sankarea OP Single - Esoragoto
Published By : Lantis
Release Date : 25 April 2012
Catalog No. : LACM-4918
Number of Discs : 1

2.My Girl
3.Answer Song

Sankarea consists of a very unique plot as well as great characters. Voice acting is well done and brings out the personalities of all the characters. The background music is surprisingly good in Sankarea. The theme songs are pleasant to listen to. The comedy , romance , ecchi genres are fulfilled in this anime but when you talk about horror this anime is not at all scary. The overall animation in Sankarea is a variable aspect that may not be to everyone's tastes. I really enjoyed the bound between Chihiro and Rea. This is an anime that you gotta see to believe.

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