Eureka Seven AO Original Soundtrack 1

Eureka Seven AO Original Soundtrack 1
Eureka Seven AO Original Soundtrack 1
Published By : Aniplex
Release Date : 27 July 2012
Catalog No. : SVWC-7860
Number of Discs : 1

1.Astral Ocean
3.Team Pied Piper
4.Welcome Home
5.IFO-RA272 "Nirvash" spec-M2
6.Girls Be Ambitious
7.IFO-RA164 "Alleluia"
8.Noah Noah
9.Got Butterflies
10.In Faith
12.Behind The Mask
13.Pied Piper Pipes
14.IFO-RA301 "Kyrie"
15.Sparkplug Revolutionary
16.Too Young To...?
17.Tinsagu Nu Hana
18.Asadoya Yunta
19.Thatness and Thereness
20.OP Signal "REAL"
21.OP Signal "ALERT"
22.Ulterior Aim
23.Generation Bleu
24.Broken Wing
25.Slipping Away w/U
27.In Flames
29.OP Signal "LIVE"
30.Anna Maman

Eureka Seven AO fundamentally differs in that the story is driven by the plot and is highly intellectual in an up-front way. The plot is smart and engaging, but this hinges on one's preferences. I really liked the whole set up for this anime. The setting of Eureka Seven AO is much more politically diverse than Eureka Seven. I feel this is one of AO's more notable successes as a sequel.

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