Fate/unlimited codes Figure Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~

Figure Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~
Figure Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ セイバー・リリィ ~勝利すべき黄金の剣(カリバーン)~ (せいばー・りりぃ ~しょうりすべきおうごんのけん(かりばーん)~) of Fate/unlimited codes, Height: approx. 230mm, Manufactured by Good Smile Company.

I like her style. She looks like a cute office girl from heaven, and also looks like a white flower when viewed from above. Her costume is very beautiful and elegant. Her charm made ​​me fall in love her again. She also comes with a legendary sword called Caliburn, which you will be amazed. I like all the details because she was really beautiful. Fate/unlimited codes is a fighting game developed by Eighting, planned by Cavia and published by Capcom.

As a part of Good Smile Company's 10th anniversary rerelease project, the 2010 Winter WonFes product, 'Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~' is going to be rereleased!

She is in the same pose as the 'Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ figure, but in this version she is wearing less armor, leaving her beautiful flowing dress visible to all. Her expression has also been altered to a subtle smile as she brandishes her glimmering sword through the air.

Her sword 'Caliburn' as well as its scabbard have been carefully sculpted down to the finest of details, together with her thin, gorgeous body that makes it hard to believe that she is a servant that fights in the Holy Grail War. If you add her to your collection, be sure to display her together with 'Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~'!
Description from Manufacturer

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