Why you should avoid eating on the desk

eating on the desk
Try to look at yourself and look at your desk. It does not look good at all on your desk because it is being used as a desk and dining table. You may want your boss to see that you are committed to working, but your body may feel like life in prison. This is the answer why you should not eat at your desk.

Lack of physical activity
If you work 24 hours a day without a break, your concentration will decrease, which is evident to negligence and tantrum. You should rest for 5 minutes every two hours to help the body relax, or walk around the office and sip a cup of coffee or tea. Sitting at a desk for long periods can cause obesity and inactivity. The human body is built to move all the time, and walking is the best way to help.
physical activity
Lack of social life
I would not ask that do you have the best colleague or not? I rest assured that you have at least nine friends. Eating at your desk will make you lose an opportunity to socialize and does not fun with colleagues. Eating foods together with your colleagues can help you trust each other more and more. If you are a manager, should eat with your team, because doing so will help the team does not feel too nervous, then helped the team work more smoothly.

The desk is not clean enough to eat
social life
Your desk is not clean and suitable place to sit and eat food even less because of the dust on the computer, or the dirt from printing machines, especially your hands. The researchers found that eating food at a desk is no different to eat in the toilet. This is a good enough reason to stop eating at your desk.

Eating at a desk can help reduce the pressure of duty, but should not make it a habit. You should look for opportunities to take a break from work to eat food together with friends.

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