TARI TARI OP Single - Dreamer

TARI TARI OP Single - Dreamer
TARI TARI OP Single - Dreamer
Published By : Lantis
Release Date : 1 August 2012
Catalog No. : LACM-4960
Number of Discs : 1

2.Utsukushi Sekai
3.Dreamer (Instrumental)
4.Utsukushi Sekai (Instrumental)

TARI TARI music theme is transported throughout the series. This anime is all about music. The anime's approach on music is much more beautiful. The vocal cast features a good mix of seiyuu veterans and newcomers. As a show about music you would also expect a great deal of songs. There are several events that revolve entirely around music. I loved the characters. Every single character had a purpose and a personality that you can see and believe. Tari Tari was one of those few animes that have actually made me laughed and cried. Tari Tari pretty much has everything you can ask for from a slice of life anime, from drama to comedy.

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