Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. ONOKEN

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Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. ONOKEN
Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. ONOKEN
Published By : Warner Home Video
Release Date : 29 August 2012
Catalog No. : WHV-1000312103
Number of Discs : 1

1.sympathia (EX)
3.our garden
4.children's domain
5.sunny bit
7.way home
8.ivy cable
9.burst link
10.burst link (raio0)
11.accelerated world (OST edit)
12.inner paradise
15.mad hacker
16.flash control
18.resources segment
20.silver wing
21.alert sign
22.alert sign (raio0)
24.physical error
25.command z

Accel World story is good and ends on a good note. A short summary of Accel World is that this is set in the future, where humans have a device known as the Neuro Linker which makes a person somewhat like a walking computer. The art and sound are well, pretty much like any other anime. The soundtrack is quite amazing as well which includes Accel world’s battle theme. There is small something that connects Sword Art Online and Accel world. The animation for the battles is well done, I certainly didn't have any complaints.

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