Fate Zero Original Soundtrack II

Fate Zero Original Soundtrack II
Fate Zero Original Soundtrack II
Published By : Aniplex
Release Date : 19 September 2012
Catalog No. : ANZX-9441
Number of Discs : 1

1.fate to zero
2.for him
3. army of the king
6.the sword of the promised victory ~ Fate/Zero ver.
8.on the battlefield
10.you are my king
11.at peace
12.little star
13.in a nightmare
14.a man in black
15.painful #2
16.dogfight #2
17.the battle to come
18.on an island
19.burning village
20.I will
21.in a foreign town
22.she's just in time
23.days gone by
25.mission #2
26.the dream fades before dawn
27.the dream fades before dawn #2
28.tender moment
29.this day, and never again
30.the dream fades before dawn #3
31.the world is tumbling down
32.silver moon

Fate Zero is about as close to a masterpiece as you can get in terms of quality. The animation is nearly flawless. There were close to no flaws in the overall way the story was executed, except for the first episode. The selling point of the anime is the characters in my opinion. Great voice acting in both the dub and sub. I love both the opening and ending songs. I enjoyed Fate/Zero more then I enjoyed most anime I have seen to this day. I guarantee you will not be disappointed by the animation, or the art shown in the series.

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