Medaka Box Figure Kurokami Medaka

Figure Kurokami Medaka
Figure Kurokami Medaka 黒神めだか (くろかみめだか) of Medaka Box めだかボックス, Height: approx. 205mm, Manufactured by Max Factory.

Her hair is blue, which matches well with her ​​school uniform. She has very large breasts, that makes her the sexiest student. She also comes with blue stockings, look strange but beautiful. Her character is a commitment and help those who are suffering. I like her a lot because she is kind and brave. Please share if you like her. Thanks!

From the anime series, 'Medaka Box' comes a 1/8th scale figure of Kurokami Medaka, posed holding a fan in her hand with a very imposing appearance. The two green armbands on her arms can be removed and attached whenever you feel like a change.

It's a figure that captures Medaka's appearance and personality for all fans of the series to enjoy whenever they like!
Description from Manufacturer

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