Senran Kagura -Shoujotachi no Jinei- Figure Ikaruga

Figure Ikaruga
Figure Ikaruga 斑鳩 (いかるが) of Senran Kagura -Shoujotachi no Jinei- 閃乱カグラ -少女達の真影-, Height: approx. 200mm, Manufactured by Phat.

Moe! Moe! Moe!!! This is what I want to say. She is so cute and hot! She looks like a princess or a fairy from heaven. She was also wearing a very short skirt. I love her beauty, and I was fascinated by her beauty. The costume also adds more elegance.

From the Nintendo 3DS exclusive game, 'Senran Kagura -Shoujotachi no Jinei-' comes a 1/8th scale figure of Hanzou Academy's 3rd year student, Ikaruga.

She is standing in a valiant pose with a serious expression across her face, leaving her looking calm and collected as she draws her treasured sword, 'Hien'. Her unique outfit has also been sculpted and painted with great care to detail that fans of the series are sure to appreciate! Be sure to display her together with the previously announced Hibari figure!
Description from Manufacturer

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