K OP Single - KINGS

K OP Single - KINGS
K OP Single - KINGS
Published By : King Records
Release Date : 24 October 2012
Catalog No. : KICM-3253
Number of Discs : 1

3.KINGS (off vocal version)
4.THE DARK (off vocal version)

K story is great. The art in K-Project is simply fabulous. There are no grey shadows in this anime. The voices suit the characters, and they match up with the animation. The music really sets the tone and mood for each scene, and really enhanced the whole experience. I view K-project as more of a prequel type anime, although it wasn't intended to be one. For those of you who enjoy action scenes or characters that act cool and clumsy, then you should watch K. The soundtrack is carefully designed around the story and used to full affect as it unfolds.

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