Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- Original Soundtrack

Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- Original Soundtrack

Published By : Lantis
Release Date : 31 October 2012
Catalog No. : LACA-15245
Number of Discs : 2

Disc 1
1.HERO N.C. 1978 -The Beginning Ver.-
3.Skating Rink
4.HEROES vs The Giant
5.Welcome Bar I
6.Welcome Bar II
7.Transform Heroes
9.The Amusement Grounds
10.Flame & Ice
11.TIGER & BUNNY vs Robin I
12.TIGER & BUNNY vs Robin II
14.Dear Father
15.The Resolution
16.Dash Fight! Barnaby
17.Never Fight! Kotetsu
18.Training Room
19.Dive for Tomorrow
20.The Rising Flash I
21.The Rising Flash II

Disc 2
1.Happy Birthday to me & us
2.Happe Birthday to me & us (Instrumental)

Tiger & Bunny is very awesome. Outlining is done in brown instead of the usual black, so the everything looks warm and alive. Even though Tiger and Bunny are our main characters, there is a whole cast of heroes that they work alongside. The action scenes are generally pretty cool. The anime is sincere in its attempt to tell an amazing story, lastly, not only is it about superheroes. This show looks good, has excellent pacing, and is incredibly well written. I solely recommend this series to anyone, especially people who are getting into anime.

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