Waiting in the Summer Figure Ichika Takatsuki

Figure Ichika Takatsuki
Figure Ichika Takatsuki 貴月イチカ (たかつきいちか) of Waiting in the Summer あの夏で待ってる, Height: approx. 215mm, Manufactured by FREEing.

Ichika is the cutest glasses girl in the Summer. I know that you like her a lot. Her breasts look very big and extremely attractive. She was gentle, like to take care of people, and always cheerful. She also looks tempting with the power of red hair that enhances the sexiness. She made everyone fall in the temptation, which spread involuntarily. Do not miss out if you like her or like anime TV series Waiting in the Summer.

From the popular anime series set in Nagano prefecture's Koromo city, 'Waiting in the Summer' comes a 1/8th scale figure of the transfer student that arrived just as the first semester came to an end, Ichika Takatsuki! Her outstanding body has been faithfully transformed into figure form for fans to enjoy!

From her beautiful big eyes peeking over the rims of her glasses, to the impressive bust you can easily make out even beneath her uniform and even the stunning curves you can see below her skirt as it flutters in the wind - it's a figure full of highlights for Ichika fans! Plus she also comes with a figure of Rinon, the little pet that came along with her to earth!
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