Mayo Chiki! Figure Masamune Usami

Figure Masamune Usami
Figure Masamune Usami 宇佐美マサムネ (うさみまさむね) of Mayo Chiki! まよチキ!, Height: approx.110mm, Manufactured by FREEing.

This anime based on a popular manga. I feel like this anime because there are so many lovely girls such as Usami. She looks so cute. Although her ​​breasts are not big, she still looks charming and very young. She has a habit of clumsiness, and like to help others. I am sure she was a very good student. You will have to love her forever.

From the popular anime series 'Mayo Chiki!' comes a figure of Masamune Usami, one of the main character's classmates who also works as a maid at the Suzutsuki household. Her trademark wavy hair is tied up in twin-tails as she sits in a rather bold pose with both her shirt open and her skirt lifted up!

With just a quick glance you can enjoy the carefully sculpted Masamune, but if you take the time to look in more detail you'll really be able to appreciate just how impressive she is! Be sure to keep her right by your side, so you can always enjoy her mistrustful gaze staring back at you!
Description from Manufacturer

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