GIRLS und PANZER Original Soundtrack

GIRLS und PANZER Original Soundtrack
GIRLS und PANZER Original Soundtrack
Published By : Lantis
Release Date : 26 December 2012
Catalog No. : LACA-9256
Number of Discs : 2

Disc 1
1.Panzerfahren March! Panzer Vor!
2.Maidens' Art, Panzerfahren March!
3.Advance Ooarai Girls' Academy Team!
4.To Ride a Tank!
5.The Academy Ship Boldly Sails the Ocean Each Day!
6.A New Morning Begins!
7.I'm Glad I Changed Schools!
8.Me, Having Trouble Being Popular!?
9.With Knowledge of Tanks, Absolutely No One Can Lose!
10.Hidden Feelings Felt!
11.To Go and Meet Grandmother!
12.Normal School Life Like This is Wonderful!
13.I Have a Bad Feeling About This!
14.Tyranny is the Right of the Student Council!
15.Panzerfahren is an Art for Girls to Master!
16.Unto the Student Councils Heroic Decision!
17.Comeback Fight of the Volleyball Club!
18.We'll Do Our Absolute Best!
19.Cute Decoration of the Tank!
20.Shopping at the Outlet Store!
21.Arrival at the Tank Café!
22.Sports News, the Daily Report on Panzerfahren!
23.There's a Reason...
24.I've Made My Decision!
25.This is Camaraderie!
26.Preparative Sleep for Tomorrow!
27.It's the Opening Ceremony!
28.The Glory of the National Panzerfahren Tournament Begins!
29.Come On! I Want a Challenge!
30.Approach of the Enemy Tanks!
31.Waiting with Bated-breath!
32.Stalemate on the Front!
33.A Tense Situation!
34.Meeting the Fight Bravely!
35.Yesterday's Enemy is Today's Friend!
36.You're All My Best Friends!
37.Panzerfahren Anthem!

Disc 2
1.Carry on! Maiden's Panzerfahren!! Wind Orchestra ver.
2.The British Grenadiers
3.Battle Hymn of the Republic
4.U.S. Field Artillery March
5.M4 Sherman Medium Tank A GO! GO!
9.Katyusha Sung by Katyusha & Nonna
11.Anglerfish March
12.DreamRiser (TV size)
13.Enter Enter MISSION! (TV size)

GIRLS und PANZER story was pretty well executed. I found the ending quite satisfying. I really like this art style. It was clean, simple, and smooth while being bright and colorful. The anime focuses on building good groups and group dynamics. The opening and ending theme are okay, but the background music is one of the anime's strong points. Girls und Panzer is lacking in a few parts, but I found the anime overall to be quite humors, cool, and sweet. The character art is kind of a typical moe style, but it looks fine.

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