Amnesia OP Single - Zoetrope

Amnesia OP Single - Zoetrope
Amnesia OP Single - Zoetrope
Published By : Geneon Universal Entertainment
Release Date : 30 January 2013
Catalog No. : GNCA-0250
Number of Discs : 1

2.Hoshi Boshi no Wataridori
4.Zoetrope (instrumental)
5.Hoshi Boshi no Wataridori (instrumental)
6.replica (instrumental)

Amnesia This story is good for it's mystery aspect instead. The art in this anime was the first thing that made me want to watch it. I felt the story wasn't developed as well the story wasn't bad. I like the artwork and style of clothing of the characters. I like the different color choices that the artist uses. However, I'm not too judgmental of it yet since I've watched a lot of Animes that start explaining what's happening in the last few episodes.

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