Waiting in the Summer Figure Remon Yamano

Figure Remon Yamano
Figure Remon Yamano 山乃檸檬 (やまのれもん) of Waiting in the Summer あの夏で待ってる, Height: approx.170mm, Manufactured by FREEing.

A cute girl from the land of love in the summer. She was 17 years old, studying in class third year. Although she does not like showing emotion, still likes to help others. She also has a lot of knowledge about the use of technology. Her hair looks drab but full of subtlety. If you like a little schoolgirl with black stockings, she may be yours. This anime story about aliens and romance in the summer. They want to protect something that cannot be substituted. I guarantee they will not let you down.

From the popular anime series 'Waiting in the Summer' comes a figure of the character with a petite build and twintails, Remon Yamano. She is posed wearing her school uniform, holding a camera in her right hand with her left hand against her knee as she leans forward with a suspicious upward gaze... making you wonder what exactly is going through her mind!
Description from Manufacturer

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