Kokoro Connect Original Soundtrack 3

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Kokoro Connect Original Soundtrack 3
Kokoro Connect Original Soundtrack 3
Published By : King Records
Release Date : 27 February 2013
Catalog No. : KIXA-90211
Number of Discs : 1

1.Kimi Rhythm
3.Chuu Shitara, Otona ni Naru no?
4.Nagase Iori, Juuyon Sai desu
5.Itsushin demo Saikou no Jinsei
6.Sonna Kachi Aru no ka na
7.Mada Go Ji ni Natte nai no ni!
8....tasukete, Kuremasuka?
9.Yarinaoshitai desu ka?
11.Omoide Sagashi no Ichinichi

Kokoro Connect was really one of if not the best show of its season. The highlight is the character drama, and all in all, the series was practically perfect for me. The basic plot is very simple, to be honest. A group of friends encounter, and have to deal with, a multitude of different phenomena which in different ways reveal their deepest desires and secrets to the other people in the group. The background music did a good job at accompanying the writing.

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