Tamako Market Original Soundtrack - Snappy Music Around of Tamako

Tamako Market Original Soundtrack - Snappy Music Around of Tamako
Tamako Market Original Soundtrack - Snappy Music Around of Tamako
Published By : Pony Canyon
Release Date : 26 April 2013
Catalog No. : PCCG-1329
Number of Discs : 2

Disc 1
1.Dramatic Market Ride (TV Size)
2.Tanoshii Tamako
3.Motto Tanoshii Tamako
4.Mono Omoi no Tamako
5.Mono Omoi no Tamako ~ Sono 2
6.Osenchi Tamako
7.Ikari no Tamako
8.Ohirune Tamako
9.Tanshii Tamako Piano Solo
10.Motto Tanoshii Tamako Piano Solo
11.Koisuru Dera
12.Comical Dera
13.Kakko Tsuke Dera
14.Dera to Tamako
16.Asa no Tamaya
17.Kitashirakawa no Theme
18.Ojii-chan no Omochi
19.Tou-chan no Omochi
20.Asa no Tamaya Piano Solo
22.Midori no Theme
23.Kanna no Theme
24.Kanna no Theme BPM 124
25.Shiori no Theme
26.Mochizou no Theme
27.Choi no Theme
28.Baton Bu San Nin Musume no Theme
29.Tanoshii Tamako no Karen na Intro

Disc 2
1.Tanoshii Tamako no Tonma na Intro
2.Gakkou to School Girl
4.Itsumo no Tamako to Mamedai
5.Baton Bu San Nin Musume no Theme Piano Solo
6.Houkago Piano Solo
7.Dera Toujou
8.Obake Yashiki
9.Tanoshii Anko
10.Doki Doki Anko
11.Nervous Anko
12.Mune Kyun Anko
13.Sayonara no Anko
14.Eyecatch (Instrumental)
15.Shiawase no Shoutengai
16.Shoutengai no Nichijou
17.Asa no Shoutengai
18.Shoutengai no Pinch
19.Omatsuri no Shoutengai
20.Valentines no Shoutengai
21.Yuugure no Shoutengai
22.Shiawase Sugiru Shoutengai
23.Shiawase no Shoutengai Piano Solo
24.Dramatic Market Ride (Tamako Humming Version)
25.Neguse (TV Size)

Tamako Market story still manages to being interesting and you get involved in the characters' quotidian life, it makes you wish you could live in their world and when episode 12 comes you feel empty and dead inside because you want to watch more. Overall, you should watch this anime if you don't mind lightheartedness and slice of life. This anime is the one I very eagerly wait to see every week this entire season.

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