Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect
Kokoro Connect (ココロコネクト) is a story about friend's relationships. The five high-school students in the research culture club will be faced with a supernatural event that happens to them. Although they were friends for a long time, there are times that they are bad. The reasons may result from them, or caused by a mysterious man who was involved. Two boys and three girls must work together to solve the problems. What does a mysterious man want? Why does he do that? Kokoro Connect will connect you with a relationship that you cannot forget.

Taichi Yaegashi (八重樫 太一) He is a high school student who likes to help others. He has a cute sister named Rina Yaegashi (八重樫 莉奈) Taichi often forget themselves because he likes to think about other people.
Iori Nagase (永瀬 伊織) She has a cheerful habit, not like the feeling of sadness. Taichi seems to be the only club member who has a lot of problem within the family. She passed a lot of pain, so she is always playful to hide the pain.
Himeko Inaba (稲葉 姫子) She is a dashing girl who likes to look at the world in a bad way. She is very confident, but not true to themselves.
Yoshifumi Aoki (青木 義文) He is playful and likes to joke with friends. He also falls in love with Yui.
Yui Kiriyama (桐山 唯) She studied karate and never lose out to others. She fears every male because she was threatened in junior high school.

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