Film Anime "Sora no Otoshimono Final : Eternal My Master" First Promo Video

After the anime' studio was announced earlier that the upcoming series would turn from 3rd season to the film. Now it has a sample comes out to watch "Sora no Otoshimono Final : Eternal My Master", which also announced the date that it will open in Japan on 26 April 2014. Moreover, we also hear the song "Always Smiling" of the unit 'blue drops' (Hayami Saori and Yoshida Hitomi) in the video.

Obviously, the team created and the actors in this sector have the same teams return, and will begin selling advance tickets since today. Normally seat 1,100 yen, and 1,600 yen for comes with a strap (2 styles).

If fans who wish to support, he has set the ticket along with a photo canvas print F3 size at 10,900 yen or 17,400 yen in F10 size. There is not enough!! In the Comic Market 85 (on 29 - 31 December 2013) will be selling tickets with three types of clear file set for 3,000 yen, and along with a pillow at 4,000 yen as well. If you want to buy all the extras, you will receive all 4 tickets.

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