Japanese card game "Menko"

In the old days, Japanese children are often invited to play outdoors and physical activity, which has happened several games. Today, the author will take you to know the kind of game called "Menko (めんこ)" which is Japanese children's play in the past.

Menko is a type of Japanese children's games in the past., It occurs in the Meiji period, what you need is a cardboard look like a circle or square that has heroes in anime or famous historical personages in those days were painted.

How to play Menko very easily. Players must place a cardboard on the floor and then throw their a cardboard to make a cardboard from your opponent overturn or splashing. Which side can make a cardboard opponent flipped over or spill has deemed the winner.

Even if the game is not very complicated, but for children in Japan, Menko is a game that kids love to play outdoors and playing together as a group. Menko is considered as one of the game to have lot of fun with the children.

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