Japanese toilet for Health

Every human would have a daily routine of many similar whether it is working, sleeping, eating, bathing, and an important routine that we must mention is the excretion.

Place for the excretion is seen to be indicative trajectory of each nation very well. Definitely whether you are a foreigner or Japanese, you have to defecate in the toilet. Today we get to know the Japanese toilet better!

In the Jōmon period (縄文時代), Japanese people like to build a garbage pit as a horseshoe shape. This pit has been speculated that it was used as a toilet. Later in the Nara period (奈良時代) AD 710 – 784, A toilet has been developed to be doused with water because the evidence shows that some places in those days had sewer system from the toilet. The common source the toilets with sewer system often places near streams (it seems that they will be releasing the waste into the river in those days).

Japanese people also widely used a toilet that can store their feces because Japanese in the past were traded feces because it can be used to make high-quality fertilizer. Even if the feces from a wealthy house or patrician house will be more expensive because of their well-being, so many Japanese have believed that the feces would have the advantage over the fertilizer from feces of the common people. Japanese is truly a master of recycling. They did not leave anything easily, if it can be used as a useful otherwise. Such as Okinawa Prefecture in the past, there has been using feces to feed the pigs. After World War 2, the popular trading feces to make fertilizer was reduced because the campaign to strengthen the social hygiene, and another was due to the start of trading on chemical fertilizers.

In the latter, Japanese toilets have evolved as the Japanese people known as Washiki (和式). Japanese believe that this toilet is extremely hygienic because there are no parts of the body except the feet have to touch the toilet. Foreigners are called this toilet that Traditional Japanese Toilet or Japanese-Style Toilet.

A toilet that many people may be impressed than Washiki is Western Style Toilet which the Japanese people have developed it until it is advanced and extremely comfortable. In the period before World War 2, the whole of Japan is still used Washiki toilet, but after the war, western toilet has been used in Japan as well, until we can find them all over the place. In modern times, more than 70% of houses in Japan using western toilet. Japanese people called modern toilet that Yoshiki (洋式).

What makes Japanese toilets are very famous it would be about the high technology, whether it is a system that makes the seat warmer for the winter. Some places may make a toilet cover open up when the restroom door open, and when we finished excretion, we do not need to flush it. Most toilets in Japan, there are many buttons that will help on both stool and urine excretion as well as water power, and water temperature.

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