The hottest sailor suit old man "Hideaki Kobayashi"

Some people may have already met this person, or may have a photo with the old man because now he is the famous people. The old man was dubbed as "Sailor Suit Old Man (セーラー服おじさん)". His real name is Hideaki Kobayashi, aged around 50. His daily life as Japanese people is a salary man who works from Monday to Friday, and have a holiday Saturday - Sunday like any other, but what is unique is that he likes to wear school girl uniform to hang out on a regular basis. Eventually he became the focus of his peers, then became famous in the world of Internet. Especially the Japanese girls often ask the old man poses for a photo to show.

In later times, various media to interview him. He recalled that when he was a young boy. He likes to open the hood girl frequently until he was a teacher punished. He had to wear a skirt show at the front of classroom, but instead he will contrite, he feels happy and likes to wear skirts.

Later that feeling disappeared when he began to attend school for boys at the high school. Upon entering university life, the yearning to dress like a woman come back again. Due to the society in those days is still not acceptable to the man dressed as. women, the old man was dressed as a woman in his own bedrooms only.

And then he returned to dress as woman once again in May 2010 because the company he's working on have to work in "Design Festival". The old man has been acting to dress as women to invite guests to visit their booth for many years, but to be dressed as a woman was not yet satisfied him much because he was only walking in the venue, and his mind was not brave enough to wear that uniform for walking the streets.

His dream to dress as women to be walking the streets is becoming a reality in June 2011. When a ramen restaurant in Yokohama held a campaign "free one ramen for male customers who are older than 30 years old". The sailor suit old man was persuaded by friends. So he took the opportunity to join. It is desirable of the restaurant very well, the staff had to keep his photographs adorn the restaurant until today

On that day, the old man was wearing a sailor uniform to show the public eye for the first time and did not feel unpleasant in any way. More importantly, He think he not do anything wrong or make trouble for anyone. So, He has selected the sailor uniform is a costume every Saturday and Sunday from then onwards.

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