How to Empty a Trash Bin in Japan

How much do you litter garbage in everyday life? There is more than 45 million tons of garbage/waste/trash per year in Japan. I can not imagine that it will amount to much. We all know Garbage is a bad thing that will never disappear completely from the world.

Did you know that we have to separate the garbage before dumping them in different places in Japan. It is because Garbage collectors did not have a duty to do that. Moreover, we have to separate the garbage into categories: burnable garbage, unburnable garbage, recyclable waste, plastic bottles, and large garbage.
Burnable Garbage is general waste such as Food scraps, Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Clothes and Rags.
Unburnable Garbage is small household appliances such as Metal, Glass products, Crockery, and Appliances not exceeding 30 cubic centimeters.
Recyclable Waste such as Newspaper, Magazines, Bottles, and Cans.
Plastic Bottles is Bottles made ​​of plastic.
Large Garbage is something that exceeds 30 cubic centimeters.
Recyclable Household Appliances such as Televisions, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Washing machines, and Hair dryers.

Date and time for bringing your garbage out to public garbage points in each district have been clearly defined, such as You can dispose of Burnable Garbage twice a week, You can dispose of Unburnable Garbage only twice a month, and you must bring garbage placed exactly where it is specific.

Who lived in mansions often have prepared a place for putting garbage already. Which residents can dispose of garbage for 24 hours and then a mansion staff will bring it out and placed outside on the date specified. For people at a typical home, they have to collect garbage in their home until the date of disposal. Important that you be aware is Garbage collectors will not take the wrong type of garbage, so you should make sure before starting the dump. It is very necessary for everyone to take responsibility for their own garbage because some areas were determined using a bag that you have to pay money or have to write the owner's name on trash bags.

When you want to dispose of bulky waste (Something that is larger than 30 cubic centimeters.) You must notify the district authorities in advance before doing anything else, and it has cost. After that, you have to buy a sticker pasted on a large piece of waste before disposal.

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