Strange Japanese beverages

Typically, a manufacturer of beverages are often creative novelty to their own beverages. Today I will talk about some strange beverages that sold in Japan.

1. The first is "Pepsi Ice Cucumber (ペプシアイスキューカンバー)". This idea formed in the summer of 2007. Pepsi wanted to have something that cause people to think about coolness amid the sweltering summer heat. Pepsi see that Cucumber is the best answer, so Pepsi Ice Cucumber is the new classy flavor at that time. But I still do not know what flavor it will be!

2. Followed by... The new exotic beverage "Curry Lemonade (カレーラムネ)". I'm not sure if I drink, then taste it will be compatible or not.

3. "Unagi Nobori (うなぎのぼり)" or Eel Soda!!! This beverage was extracted from the head and bones of eel. It flavor like boiled eel with soy sauce. This beverage may be made out to appease the Japanese during the summer because some people have commented that if you drink, your body will feel cold for a long time, which fits over summer extremely hot weather.

4. I believe that no one has ever tried yogurt mixed with Pepsi anyway! So Pepsi had created this product to give you a surprise. It is Pepsi & Yogurt Flavor or called "Pepsi White (ペプシホワイト)". The company was first sold the beverage in October. I think it will arrive in time for the winter in Japan.

5. Japan had a dessert that claim to increase breast size. Yeah... This time is a beverage! It is named "Okkikunare" which translates as Make Them Bigger, produced by Blue Coin Company. There are 3 flavors: apple, peach, and mango. The price is not very expensive at around 200 yen.

The company had advertised that it will help women have bigger breasts. Yeah ... the advertising makes this beverage have a good sale among young Japanese women over time. However, In later times, scientific research proved that the beverage does not make women have larger breasts in any way. Thus making Okkikunare rarely get attention, but there are also some people buy it with a little hope.

6. This product called "NEEDS Cheese Drink (飲むチーズ)" produced by Needs Cheese Factory in Hokkaido. There are three tasting flavors including Berry, Yuzu and Plain. The manufacturer boasts that the flavor of liquid cheese tastes as good as a salad dressing. But it will be delicious or not, your readers will have to try to prove themselves anyway.
NEEDS Cheese Drink

7. If you are tired of chewing gum and want to drink a beverage that makes your breath fresh., You must try this "Fresh Breath (フレッシュブレス)" for men who want to talk with confidence.

There are also many exotic beverages in Japan., If you see something, try it.

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