Nagi no Asukara Original Soundtrack 1

Nagi no Asukara Original Soundtrack 1
Published By : Geneon Universal Entertainment
Release Date : 23 April 2014
Catalog No. : GNCA-1404
Number of Discs : 1

1. lull ~Soshite Bokura wa~ (TV Size)
2. Blue Water
3. Hikari no Waltz
4. Stream
5. Silencio
6. Fonte
7. Navio
8. Itazura Gokko
9. Nami no Aya
10. Amatsukaze
11. Mirage of the sea
12. Tsuki ni Migaku
13. Kakushitsu
14. Uroko-sama
15. Senjintachi
16. Dokomademo Fukaku
17. Dekirukana
18. Sakishima Hikari
19. Cry for the moon
20. Roza Muna
21. Umi no Namida
22. Inori
23. Surinukeru Kokoro
24. Hitori Bocchi
25. Tsuihou
26. Fuyu no Otozure
27. Marine Show
28. Nukumi Yuki
29. Densetsu
30. Ofunehiki no Uta
31. Aqua Terrarium (TV Size)


Nagi no Asukara takes place in a fantasy world, a society where humanity is very clearly divided between land and sea. The art in this anime is outstandingly gorgeous by showing what the sea looks like. The animations are just beautiful and incredibly fluid. The music is very good. The soundtrack it does its job very well. The OPs and EDs were composed so well, their singlers Ray and Nagi Yanagi are both amazing. The characters really get a lot of development and grow vastly out of their initial archetypes. They were written exquisitely and were imbued with passion and emotion. I do recommend for anyone looking for a deep story and character development to pick up this anime.

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