Nisekoi ED Single - Heart Pattern

Nisekoi ED Single - Heart Pattern
Nisekoi ED Single - Heart Pattern
Published By : Aniplex
Release Date : 26 March 2014
Catalog No. : ANZX-6251
Number of Discs : 1

1. Kirisaki Chitoge no Honban! 180bu Mae!
2. Heart Pattern
3. Heart Pattern -Inst-
4. Heart Pattern (TV Size Ver)

Nisekoi is an adaptation from a manga of the same name. The story pretty enjoyable if you are into shows that have Romance with a twist. It centers around Raku Ichijo, who made a promise with a girl that they would marry. The art is a good thing. It's amazing, outstanding, and gorgeous. I heavily enjoyed it. Animation is different in a positive way. The music works well to set the scene. The characters is one of the best points of the anime, and fit very unoriginal stereotypes. The first episode should pretty much explain to you what type of characters Raku, Chitoge and Kosaki really are. Overall, the anime does a fairly good job of keeping things interesting and doesn't let the viewer be bored.

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