Nisekoi OP2 Single - STEP

Nisekoi OP2 Single - STEP
Nisekoi OP2 Single - STEP
Published By : Sony Music Entertainment
Release Date : 16 April 2014
Catalog No. : SECL-1494
Number of Discs : 1

2. Dream World
3. Sakura Saku


Nisekoi story is interesting about a promise. It is a classical romantic-comedy anime basically introduced with harem settings. Every episode will pull the viewer in as we want to know more. The music are interesting especially at the end of each episode. I really like the opening song of Nasekoi by ClariS. The characters in the anime are fits with the characters in the manga. The Voice Actor also fit well with their character. SHAFT animation is glorious, they did a great job in Monogatari series and they tried even harder this time. The chemistry of the characters and circumstances they're in makes Nisekoi interesting. I honestly enjoyed the anime and would shamelessly recommend the anime to anyone.

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