Beer Foam/Bubbles tools in Japan

Sonic Hour
The most important thing for beer is foam/bubbles. You can taste the foam/bubbles fully with this tool. It's called "Sonic Hour (ソニックアワー)".

The manufacturer of the ultimate tool is Takara Tomy, he applied scientific knowledge about Ultrasonic to make foam/bubbles on a drink within a few seconds. Easy to use and very fast. You just put your beer or other drinks down on the device, then press the button. You just wait a few seconds, it will have foam/bubbles on the beer.

Beer Hour Cold
This tool was invented by Takara Tomy as well. It is intended to use for the summer. It is intended for use in the summer because Japanese like to drink cold beer in that season. This tool will make foam/bubbles, in addition, it also helps make your beer cooler. It's called "Beer Hour Cold (ビールアワーコールド)".

How to do is very simple. You just hold your can of beer (300 or 500 ml.) and put into this tool, then press the button. This handset has ice pack around bottles, cans. It will help increase cooling. You just add water and then put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Jokki Hour
This tool is called "Jokki Hour (ジョッキアワー)". It is really very easy., You just fill the beer into a glass, and then press the button on the handle.

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