Date A Live II ED Single - Day to Story

Date A Live II ED Single - Day to Story
Date A Live II ED Single - Day to Story
Published By : Nippon Columbia
Release Date : 6 May 2014
Catalog No. : COZC-913
Number of Discs : 1

1. Day to Story
2. Eternal World
3. Day to Story (Another Version)
4. Day to Story -Instrumental-
5. Eternal World -Instrumental-
6. Day to Story (Another Version) -Instrumental-

Date A Live II is the second season of Date A Live. The story is still about a lucky guy named Shidou Itsuka (五河 士道). He was born in a world where widespread catastrophes of varying size called spacequakes can happen anytime and anywhere. Shido must date lovely girls and make them fall in love with him. It does have some subplots concerning the girls. This series is so absolutely hilarious sometimes. The animation in this series is well enough done. The fight sequences were well done and entertaining. The girls all look different and they all have unique details that make them stand out. It is an enjoyable and entertaining anime. The fan service in the anime is pretty average as well. So, its up to you, depending on your tastes.

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