Hitsugi no Chaika Original Soundtrack

Hitsugi no Chaika Original Soundtrack
Hitsugi no Chaika Original Soundtrack
Published By : Victor Entertainment
Release Date : 4 June 2014
Catalog No. : VTCL-60373
Number of Discs : 1

1. Teikoku
2. DARAKENA (TV-size)
3. Shijou
4. Koudou
5. Souguu
6. Soudou
7. Shigan
8. Hanauta
9. Shuppatsu
10. Yokan
11. Shikaku
12. Eishou
13. Antan
14. Sakuryaku
15. Suikou
16. Unmei
17. Kattou
18. Henka
19. Ando
20. Tekishuu
21. Sentou
22. Kyoufu
23. YOusai
24. Totsunyuu
25. Kougeki
26. Masen
27. Hippaku
28. Zetsubou
29. Gishin
30. Kairaku Genri (TV-size)
31. Ketsui
32. Ashita

Hitsugi no Chaika anime is a unique series. The story is set in a fantasy world. There are plenty of monsters and magic. The progression is pretty good, but there are some minor flaws. The main characters are unique and diverse very well. The background is very simple, it gives a sense of mystery. The costumes are a mix of culture, Europe and Asia. Monsters are designed well because it really looks like a monster. Blood and gore is very mild and never becomes excessive. The soundtrack and BGM elegance and quality. You will hear the sounds of nature, the struggle, and the wind. No one character seems useless or out of place. I really like the heroine, she has thick eyebrows and very cute. If you like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, and Shounen, you should not miss Hitsugi no Chaika.

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