[HD] Cute dance by Japanese girls: Manako, Kamen Liar Niina

These dancing look so cute. Hope you like (」゜ロ゜)」First cute dance videos I picked up in 2015.

[HD] Cute dance by Manako 2015/01/09

Manako, she comes dressed in waitress. There looks like she is dancing in the dining room. She has fair skin. She looked like a princess in the fairy. I enjoy this dancing. I also like the song. It is about love. Manako, she made this music more lively.

Song: Renai Cafeteria (Love Cafeteria)
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【まなこ】恋愛カフェテリア 踊ってみた【オリジナル振付】

[HD] Cute dance by Kamen Liar Niina 2015/02/17

Kamen Liar Niina, she looks very bright. Her dancing skill is second to none. Yeah... She is very cute, the sentence I always admire a cute girl. I think the colors in this video looks strange. She may want to express her emotions.

Song: Hyde and seek
【仮面ライアー217】 ハイドアンド・シーク 【踊ってみた】

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