[HD] Cute dance by Japanese girls: Apricot*, Ririri

[HD] Cute dance by Apricot* 2015/02/28

Apricot, Her dance was perfect. She is so awesome, but the white dress on white background makes it harder to see all the awesome movements. I love watching her dances for inspiration. I noticed that she always smiles. That is why she is the best!

Song: 39
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ayame_apricot

[HD] Cute dance by Ririri 2015/03/11

Ririri, She was born for this! What a lovely dance!! This dancing is for Lolicon or Loli lovers. She always growing every new dance video. This time she danced at Yahoo Japan. She is so cute and really awesome. So energetic as always!

Song: Friday's Good Morning
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ri_ri_ri_5
【りりり】金曜日のおはよう in Yahoo! JAPAN本社【踊ってみた】

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