[HD] Cute dance by Japanese girls: Ririri, Qulle

[HD] Cute dance by Ririri 2015/03/22

Ririri, she comes with violet theme and popular Hatsune Miku song "39" which has been talking a lot lately. In this period, Japanese teenage usually dance and sing this song. There seems to be a trend. However, Ririri, she look outstanding. She has the childlikeness like no other.

Song: 39
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ri_ri_ri_5
【りりり】 39 【踊ってみた】

[HD] Cute dance by Q'ulle 2015/03/22

Q'ulle, five lovely girls with new VOCALOID song named "鬼KYOKAN" voiced by Len & Rin Kagamine. The song was created by じーざす @WAN_OPO, △○□× @miwasiba (Illust), and お菊 @__Lizel (Movie). It was released late last year. I like how amazing they dance in perfect unison, and finished with the cuteness. I also like their design, white scene contrasted with blue clothing. It makes them look more striking.

Song: Demon KYOKAN
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Qulle_official
Website: http://qulle.net/

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